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8 Seconds & No Bull: Cybersecurity

Computers and the internet are faster and more powerful than ever before and the ability to use them as digital weapons is no longer an ideology associated with the distant future.

In his interview with Popular Mechanics from April of 2014, P.W. Singer, Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, explains why the era of cyberwar isn't as far away as we think.


XBOX ONE is Pretty Neat

By the time I remembered that the XBOX One game console was about to be released, it was too late for me to reserve or pre-order online and I'm not the kind of guy to battle a crowd full of young people hopped up on Monster and Red Bull, nor am I willing to stand in a line outside in the middle of November in Michigan just to be able to pay its retail price. That's where eBay comes in.


How to Make your Mac More Secure

Do you ever wonder if there are things you should be doing to make your Mac more secure? If you're like me you probably do, and if your line of work revolves around computers and the internet, you'd better make sure that you take all of the necessary precautions to protect your files, as well as your clients', from unauthorized users, in addition to damage or loss.



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