Starter Kit: Prep Style

Thinking about adding some sophistication to your wardrobe? Or maybe you just want to make sure you've covered the prep-wear basics. Either way, you'll find what you're looking for and your style will remain classy and timeless.

Use this collection of items as your foundation for preppy clothes, from which I encourage you to build upon by adding variations of each garment. Don't feel obligated to buying only from the brands I listed. Several clothiers make exceptional versions of these products from my starter kit.


Brooks Brothers Suit and Sport Coat Fit Guide

Brooks Brothers never disappoints me with their design and style for men's wear. Specifically, I appreciate their consistency producing stylish, classic, and timeless suits and sport coats, as well as the quality with which the garments are made. Therefore, it's important to know how these suits and sport coats will fit in order to make the most informed purchasing decision possible. Having all of their fit guides in one place just makes the purchasing process a whole lot easier.


Vineyard Vines Flags & Stars Tie

Let's face it, whether you're preppy or not, Red, White, and Blue go with pretty much everything, especially each other when it comes to wardrobe colors.

The Vineyard Vines Flags & Stars Printed Silk Tie is so pretty, you almost don't want to wear it. “Almost” being the keyword here. But then you say to yourself, "I love this country” and “I love the American flag”, and then put the tie on because you're a f*cking patriot with style and class. You don’t care what day it is, you’ll wear this tie anyway.



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