Brooks Brothers Suit and Sport Coat Fit Guide

Brooks Brothers never disappoints me with their design and style for men's wear. Specifically, I appreciate their consistency producing stylish, classic, and timeless suits and sport coats, as well as the quality with which the garments are made. Therefore, it's important to know how these suits and sport coats will fit in order to make the most informed purchasing decision possible. Having all of their fit guides in one place just makes the purchasing process a whole lot easier.

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Vineyard Vines Flags & Stars Tie

Let's face it, whether you're preppy or not, Red, White, and Blue go with pretty much everything, especially each other when it comes to wardrobe colors.

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Mad Bomber Hat

I've had a few trapper-style hats before, but this one is by far the best. It's super insulated and very warm. The fur trim lining is nice and soft, and feels good against the cheek bones, a must for wearing the flaps down due to the wind chill or sporting ski goggles.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Pant Fit Guide

Here is Ralph Lauren's fit guide for pants. They have a new interface on their website to further examine the pant fit styles they offer. It's rather interactive, by requiring you to hover over the images in order to see other views.

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Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Lady

Can't think of what to get your lady friend this Christmas? Here are some ideas that'll let her know you put some serious thought into her gifts this year, and you might even surprise her (win/win). The one thing you don't want her to know is that you got her gifts last minute... Trust me she'll know.

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