Style Guide: Fall 2014

Style Guide: Fall 2014

Fall in the Midwest is an exciting time. College football and playoff baseball occupy our TV’s, the leaves change, cider mills begin to buzz, and the time comes to swap our wardrobes to accommodate the transition of colors and the cooler weather in the weeks ahead.

Traditionally, you’re going to see more natural colors for fall fashion items like darker shades of red, yellow, green, and khaki. Designers also make good use of the tweed fabric, often times along side the herringbone, houndstooth, and plaid patterns.

You’ll want some outerwear that isn’t too thick or heavy since it won’t be really cold until late November or so, and you’ll also need appropriate clothing to be prepared for activities like walking to class, tailgating, waiting in line at the cider mill, and weekend getaways up north or to the lake house.

In general, I tend to take the "less is more" approach to style no matter what season it is and when it comes to fashion trends, simplicity is always stylish. For that reason, you don’t have worry about multi-layer ensembles or sporting any flashy accessories to grab attention this fall season because with the simplistic approach, people will notice you first, not what you’re wearing.

The next time you open your closet, think about adding some of my picks below from this year’s fall trends in men’s style.



Sport Coats


The Rest


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