Vineyard Vines Shirt Fit Guide

I'm a big fan of the Vineyard Vines brand and if you like preppy clothes you will be too. Every Shirt Should Fit This Good.

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Style Guide: Fall 2014

Fall in the Midwest is an exciting time. College football and playoff baseball occupy our TV’s, the leaves change, cider mills begin to buzz, and the time comes to swap our wardrobes to accommodate the transition of colors and the cooler weather in the weeks ahead.

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7 Pairs of Boots Every Man Should Own

Some men may call it "being prepared" and others call it "having options", but is it ever really a bad thing to have a pair of boots for almost any situation or circumstance? Of course not.

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Style 101: Patterns You Should Know

When it comes to the items in your closet, solid colors will only get you so far in life. That's where patterns come in. Patterns allow us to express our style and individuality, and help us stand out from the crowd.

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Starter Kit: Prep Style

Thinking about adding some sophistication to your wardrobe? Or maybe you just want to make sure you've covered the prep-wear basics. Either way, you'll find what you're looking for and your style will remain classy and timeless.

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