Solid Read: The Essential Wooden

Solid Read: The Essential Wooden

This was a required reading from one of my Sport Management grad classes at EMU. It is an awesome book. I actually didn't know much about John Wooden and his legacy before I read the book, so once I was finished I was blown away by how amazing this guy was.

Aside from his unmatched leadership and coaching abilities, this man was the ultimate thinker and strategist, and not just on the hardwood. Take a look at this book and you'll see what I mean. It's packed with great information and quotes, and is a really easy read.

Coach Wooden, in his collection of “Woodenisms” makes what it takes to be a great leader easy to understand and offers what seems like an infinite amount of wisdom as to which leadership characteristics and practices help create and influence the most followers. Just like coaches, business owners an managers need to have team members or employees want to follow them throughout the good times and the bad. They will only do this if they trust who's leading them and if they understand that their leaders are confident they will not fail them.

Good leaders know how to bring out the best in their squads and can use the chemistry of its comprising individuals effectively to produce success. No one better to learn about such an idea from than Coach Wooden.

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