Polo Ralph Lauren Pant Fit Guide

Polo Ralph Lauren Pant Fit Guide

Here is Ralph Lauren's fit guide for pants. They have a new interface on their website to further examine the pant fit styles they offer. It's rather interactive, by requiring you to hover over the images in order to see other views. I figured I'd spare you the javascript and screenshot the crap out of 'em instead. So here you are.

Personally, at 5'10" and 165 lbs, I find myself to be a Classic Fit guy because the fit is exactly that... Classic. It's comfortable (but not baggy by any means), classy, and timeless. I'm not really into anything that's got "slim" or "skinny" in its name or otherwise going to hug my thigh.

I really like Polo's Preston Chino or Preppy Chino in their Classic Fit. If you're looking for something slightly lighter in weight, say for the summer, try one of the chinos with "tissue" in the name. These will be a little softer, hence the name "tissue", and makes wearing pants on a hot summer day easier to do (because you shouldn't really wear shorts unless you're going in the water).

Classic Fit

Straight Fit

Slim Fit

Pant Fits - Side

Pant Fits - Back

Check out more at ralphlauren.com


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