OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5

OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5

I got one of these bad boys for Father's day a few weeks ago (in White and Blue) and was thoroughly impressed with just how stout the OtterBox Armor Series case is. I'm a big fan of OtterBox and we have a few of the Commuter Series cases, so I had pretty high expectations after seeing an ad for the Armor Series, stating that these smartphone cases meet military standards.

It's Serious
Right away I could tell that this iPhone case is no joke because it's heavy, weighing in at 3.91 oz. This is because of its reinforced plastic construction (the same type of plastic used to make industrial tools and equipment), which allows it to withstand up to 4,000 lbs of crushing force.

It'll Stay Dry
Zinc alloy latches secure the two-piece case together to maintain its waterproofness. Just be careful when you want to take your phone out because the thing can be a bitch to get open. The headphone jack and charge port are protected by silicone plugs with o-ring seals to keep water out as well.

The Armor Series' built-in screen protector shields your iPhone screen from scratches and cracks while aiding in the resistance of fingerprints. It's also another key feature to maintaining the watertight seal. Likewise, you can flip the case over to find a glass camera cover that resists scratching and preserves the integrity of your future images.

Shock Value
The inside of the case is lined with ribbed silicone walls for a snug, yet purpose-serving fit. Think of the Armor Series case as a Grizzly Bear and your iPhone is its cub; the Grizzly Bear will protect its cub at all costs, while at the same time holding it ever so tightly, but not tight enough where it would do harm.


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