Playlist Essentials: Jack Bauer

If you think that Jack Bauer only has Chloe O'Brian coming through his earpiece, think again. When he's not receiving tactical communication on SATCOM, he's got music coming in via BlueTooth from his smart phone. What? You don't think he needs some tunes get him fired up? Think again.

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Starter Kit: Home Music Studio

All the basics for building a professional recording and production studio right in your own home.

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Playlist Essentials: 50 Cent

To kick off the new 2nd Rodeo Original Series - Playlist Essentials, I figured I'd start with a simple one. 50 Cent. This playlist is a collection of my favorite 50 Cent tracks along with some chart-toppers (that aren't necessarily my taste, but well-liked by others).

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Starter Kit: Gangster Rap

If you're thinking about getting into some rugged hip-hop and rap and you don't know where to start, or if you're already a hip-hop and rap fan and want to expand your horizon with something a little more raw, then these albums will provide you with a solid foundation for the Gangster Rap genre.

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Daft Punk: Around The World

Around the World was one of the first songs that put the disco robot duo Daft Punk on the electronic music map.

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