How New Sugar Stats Will Kill Halloween, But Save You

One of the best parts about Halloween is the excuse to eat empty calories. Old or young, it doesn't matter, we all have that favorite sweet, sugary something. Just remember to keep it in moderation, or at least to try.

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Better Big Bangs

Want to impress your family and friends with knowledge about the latest fireworks technology being used this 4th of July? Well now you can. Just try not to be "that guy".

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8 Seconds & No Bull: Cybersecurity

Computers and the internet are faster and more powerful than ever before and the ability to use them as digital weapons is no longer an ideology associated with the distant future.

In his interview with Popular Mechanics from April of 2014, P.W. Singer, Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, explains why the era of cyberwar isn't as far away as we think.

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Dog Survival Gear Buyer's Guide

The severe weather systems making their way across the country this week have reminded me how important it is to be prepared with a plan and supplies for unfortunate situations, aside from just loosing power for more than a day. Since many of us are dog owners, we need to remember to plan for them too.

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How To Get Super Fast Wi-Fi

I'm definitely not the only person who's OCD about getting the best wireless internet performance in his or her residence, so if you're looking to improve your in-home wi-fi setup, you definitely won't want to miss this article from Mac|Life magazine.

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