Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Lady

Can't think of what to get your lady friend this Christmas? Here are some ideas that'll let her know you put some serious thought into her gifts this year, and you might even surprise her (win/win). The one thing you don't want her to know is that you got her gifts last minute... Trust me she'll know.

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Driving on Winter Roads: It's All About the Physics

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, more than 25% of motor vehicle crashes each year occur due to impaired visibility from rain, sleet, snow, and fog or on roadways covered in rain, snow, or ice.

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Human Body Tolerances

Here's a great infographic of what the human body can handle, from one of my new favorite magazines, OFFGRID. This simple diagram provides key information for a person in survival mode, training and conditioning their body, or just interested in some "good-to-know" facts.

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The Best Part about iOS 7... The Sounds

Let me tell you a little bit about why I like the new iOS 7 sounds so much and where it all began.

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Aerobed Pakmat

A must for any real luxury go-bag, this is one of the more practical yet cool sleeping pads I've seen. Especially since it comes in its own nifty, portable container. You can get one for a little more than $100.00.

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