Gift Guide for Your Lady 2014

Need some gift ideas for that special lady in your life? You've come to the right place.

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Dog Survival Gear Buyer's Guide

The severe weather systems making their way across the country this week have reminded me how important it is to be prepared with a plan and supplies for unfortunate situations, aside from just loosing power for more than a day.

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Close-Quarters Conditioning

Being ready for anything means you need be prepared both mentally and physically, but the physical aspect is even more important when it comes to emergency situations and survival.

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Gun Talk Vocab

There's a lot of chatter about guns these days, so unless you grew up with guns in your family or pursue further knowledge than what you see on TV or in video games, you probably don't understand most of the Jargon being tossed around.

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How to be a Hero: First Responder Skills

Hopefully throughout the course of our lives we don't find ourselves in too many situations where we, or people in close proximity to us, are in life-threatening danger.

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