L322 Range Rover Maglite Mount DIY

L322 Range Rover Maglite Mount DIY

DIY Mod for P38 and L322 Range RoversDIY Maglite MountTime: ~ 1 Hour

Maglite Mounting Brackets = $4.00 or $5.00 - OpticsPlanet.com (I got mine from Amazon.com)

1) Remove the rear loadspace access hatch.
2) Line up your Maglite Mounting brackets to drill holes. Remember to make sure you put the Maglite in the brackets to get an idea of where it will fit within the panel, use brightly colored painter's tape or electrical tape as markers.
3) Tape down the brackets where you want them to line up and drill holes for the screws.
4) Insert your screws (hopefully the brackets came with screws) and then put a washer and nut on the other side of each screw to secure them. I used a socket wrench.
5) Put the Maglite into the brackets to make sure that the Maglite doesn't rub on either end of it, and make sure the brackets aren't loose.


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