How to Make your Mac More Secure

How to Make your Mac More Secure

Do you ever wonder if there are things you should be doing to make your Mac more secure? If you're like me you probably do, and if your line of work revolves around computers and the internet, you'd better make sure that you take all of the necessary precautions to protect your files, as well as your clients', from unauthorized users, in addition to damage or loss.

This feature article, "How to Make Your Mac More Secure" from the August 2013 issue of Mac|Life Magazine, explains the security measures you can take with your Mac and provides easy instructions for how to do so.

I'd recommend reading through it once just to educate yourself about the various strategies, then go through the list and prioritize which ones are most important to you. That way you can knock off the urgent ones before some others that may seem a little more mundane.

See the article here:

You can thank me later.


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