How to be a Hero: First Responder Skills

How to be a Hero: First Responder Skills

Hopefully throughout the course of our lives we don't find ourselves in too many situations where we, or people in close proximity to us, are in life-threatening danger. Unfortunately, these things do happen, so if you or someone near by is in trouble, it's important to act quickly and appropriately.

The following MagScan is from the June 2011 of Popular Mechanics magazine and provides information and steps to take to help save lives and/or minimize the damage in a given scenario. Whether it's to save someone from a burning car, bring a person back to life, survive a crowd rush, or react to a home invasion, the knowledge you possess could be the difference between life and death, and whether you stepped up to be hero or fell victim to the notorious "bystander effect".

If these skills weren't important, I wouldn't bring them up. So take a few minutes and look at the article, you'll thank me some day.


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