E-Box Fan Replacement L322 Range Rover

E-Box Fan Replacement L322 Range Rover

I am not a certified automotive technician. Attempt the following at your own risk.

1) Open the hood. Make sure your car has been off for at least 15 minutes to let the engine bay cool down. Locate the E-Box and remove about 10 alan screws from the e-box lid.

2) When you remove the lid, you'll see a fusebox and a few wiring harnesses. I was able to accomplish the fan replacement without removing or unplugging any of the harnesses (just twisting and turning them without straining them).

3) Notice the white plastic holder with two modules. Remove the larger of the two modules first, it should just lift and slide right out. I set it as close to the front of the car as I could to keep it out of the way.

4) Then remove the smaller module and set it toward the back of the engine bay. This one was a bit more tough to pull out due to the tension of the harnesses, so be careful, but it's doable.

5) Then you'll want to remove the two philips screws holding the white plastic holder in place and set the holder aside.

6) Now, look in the bottom of the box and you'll see the fan unit. It's got three philips screws holding it in, two on opposite sides of the actual unit, and one attracted to the "exhaust" pipe attached to it. Remove the three philips screws.

7) The fan unit also has a little harness plugged into a connector that is also attached to a larger blue harness. I removed the smaller connector assembly from the larger blue one before trying to unplug the fan harness from it because it's hard to maneuver your hands in that tight of a space. You'll probably want to unplug the fan harness before pulling it out of the bottom.

8) That's it for removal. Now put the new fan unit in, plug in its wiring harness, and use the three screws to fasten it down. Then put everything back and you're done.


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