Dog Survival Gear Buyer's Guide

Dog Survival Gear Buyer's Guide

The severe weather systems making their way across the country this week have reminded me how important it is to be prepared with a plan and supplies for unfortunate situations, aside from just loosing power for more than a day. Since many of us are dog owners, we need to remember to plan for them too.

This article from the second issue of OFFGRID Magazine provides a solid list of supplies that may be nice to have on hand for your dog when natural disaster strikes, or even just for other emergencies. I'll admit "doggles" are a little over the top, but at least make sure you have enough food and water for your dog for three days (or for however many days you've stocked for yourselves).

To give you an idea about where to start, I have 30 days worth of my dog's food vacuum sealed in kibble bricks, a dog first-aid field guide with first-aid supplies, and an REI dog pack so he can carry some of our equipment and supplies too.


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