Celebrity Headphones Comparison

Celebrity Headphones Comparison

Apparently headphones are the new high-tops, at least when it comes to celebrities having their own brand. It seems as if the trend of athlete brand shoes spread rapidly through the retail segments of most industries, with the latest genre being high quality headphones. The cool thing about it is that you can even be white and have your own line, though I can't say I'm a fan of the Deadmau5 ones, mainly because he looks whacked out of his mind in the image. Love the guy's music though, a true techno genius.

Which pair would I go with you ask? Straight off of the bat I'm tempted to go with Dr. Dre's, but after looking at the chart and thinking about how I like my music loud, I'd have to try 50's.

This MagScan was from Popular Mechanics magazine, some month during the summer of 2013. My apologies, but apparently I cut off the publication date during the scan.


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