Brooks Brothers Suits: Regent Fit

Brooks Brothers Suits: Regent Fit

I just purchased a Regent Fit Two-Button Plaid sport coat from Brooks Brothers a couple of weeks ago, Size 40R (I'm 5'10", 165lbs). The Regent fit is Brooks Brother's "modern take on our classic silhouette", meaning it's slightly slimmer than their traditional Madison Fit suits and sport coats, but not as slim as the Fitzgerald fit or the even slimmer Milano fit. Therefore, in the Regent and Fitzgerald fits I wear a size 40R. However, in a Madison Fit I wear a size 39R due to its boxiness, and even then it still needs to be taken in.

I recently became inspired by some of the patterns and colors exhibited in Mad Men, when my fiancée and I initially began watching the television show on Netflix in October of 2011. Ever since, I've been acquiring stylish sport coats to widen my fashion horizon. Not only are these particular coats from Brooks Brothers attractive, but they are exquisitely made from Italian wool. Needless to say, the coats themselves are beautiful.


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