Brooks Brothers Suit and Sport Coat Fit Guide

Brooks Brothers Suit and Sport Coat Fit Guide

Brooks Brothers redesigned their fit guides a few months back so I wanted to take full advantage of the images and descriptions for personal reference, in addition to sharing them with you. I noticed over a year ago that Brooks Brothers' fit guides for their suits, pants, and shirts went missing from their website after seeing them in 2012, but now it all makes sense; they must have been revamping.

Because Brooks Brothers often makes certain patterns and colors for their suits and sport coats in one or two fits at a time (or the sale selection is thin), I'll gladly purchase an item in either a Madison, Regent, or Fitzgerald fit and then have the item tailored accordingly.

For example, I really wanted one of the Check with Deco sport coats, but it was only available in a Madison fit (the most boxy and traditional). So, after a little research online, I discovered that I may want to buy a different size depending on which fit I get. I ended up going with a 39R in the Madison fit because I'm typically a size 40, and then I took the sport coat to my tailor to get it taken in. The results were perfect and exactly what I wanted.

I prefer the Regent and Fitzgerald fits in a 40S (though I'll take a 40R if it's the only type available). They are a more modern, fitter kind of fit, which compliment someone like me whom is 5'10" 165 lbs. The Milano fit is just too skinny for my tastes.

The Madison Fit

The Regent Fit

The Fitzgerald Fit

The Milano Fit



There was no mention the

Trevor Lumsden
There was no mention the short fit-so what shall I look in finding a short fit suit

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