2008 Nissan Xterra: The Go-Getter of Mid-Sized SUV's

Purchased in addition to the WRX with the intention of being the daily driver. Rewind five months earlier...

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2004 Subaru WRX: My First Slippery Slope

Ahhh yes... My old Subaru, in it's prime. This is what it looked like before I sold it in order to buy an engagement ring for my now fiancee (best decision I ever made).

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L322 Range Rover Maglite Mount DIY

DIY Mod for P38 and L322 Range RoversDIY Maglite MountTime: ~ 1 Hour

Maglite Mounting Brackets = $4.00 or $5.00 - OpticsPlanet.com (I got mine from Amazon.com)

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The Macallan Flask

Simply put, pretty much the coolest, most badass flask you can have. Especially knowing that the thing is worth nine c-notes... count 'em, nine.

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Shot Gun Flask

The name alone gives you a good idea about the type of person carrying said flask; an avid NRA member, someone who likes to get their drink on riding in the front passenger seat of an automobile, or just someone who likes to drink out of small shiny things.

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