Dog Survival Gear Buyer's Guide

The severe weather systems making their way across the country this week have reminded me how important it is to be prepared with a plan and supplies for unfortunate situations, aside from just loosing power for more than a day.

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How To Get Super Fast Wi-Fi

I'm definitely not the only person who's OCD about getting the best wireless internet performance in his or her residence, so if you're looking to improve your in-home wi-fi setup, you definitely won't want to miss this article from Mac|Life magazine.

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Close-Quarters Conditioning

Being ready for anything means you need be prepared both mentally and physically, but the physical aspect is even more important when it comes to emergency situations and survival.

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Starter Kit: Gangster Rap

If you're thinking about getting into some rugged hip-hop and rap and you don't know where to start, or if you're already a hip-hop and rap fan and want to expand your horizon with something a little more raw, then these albums will provide you with a solid foundation for the Gangster Rap genre.

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7 Pairs of Boots Every Man Should Own

Some men may call it "being prepared" and others call it "having options", but is it ever really a bad thing to have a pair of boots for almost any situation or circumstance? Of course not.

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Style 101: Patterns You Should Know

When it comes to the items in your closet, solid colors will only get you so far in life. That's where patterns come in. Patterns allow us to express our style and individuality, and help us stand out from the crowd.

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