7 Pairs of Boots Every Man Should Own

7 Pairs of Boots Every Man Should Own

Some men may call it "being prepared" and others call it "having options", but is it ever really a bad thing to have a pair of boots for almost any situation or circumstance? Of course not.

This MagScan I pulled from the October 2013 issue of Popular Mechanics supports a man's argument for owning a variety of boots for multiple uses and occasions, and pulls their selection from recommendations by the men who wear them everyday.

Whether the conditions require you to wear boots for a rainy day, the office, the weekend, work, an adventure, in the woods, or during armageddon, this list will at least provide you with the basics of what kind of boot you'll want for each scenario, in the event you prefer a different brand than what's suggested in the article.

I'd also like to add that it's never a bad idea to have more than one pair of each of these types of boots either (if closet space isn't an issue) because there are several variables, like the weather or your mood, that can impact exactly your decision for which boots you'll want to wear. Just make sure your lady has all of the closet space she needs first before you go filling it up with your bulky new footwear.


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