2008 Nissan Xterra: The Go-Getter of Mid-Sized SUV's

2008 Nissan Xterra: The Go-Getter of Mid-Sized SUV's

Purchased in addition to the WRX with the intention of being the daily driver. Rewind five months earlier... While my WRX was in the shop, waiting on its Cusco Zero 2R Coilover suspension (which is only imported from Japan three times per year), I needed to rent a car since Michigan was being hammered with snow back in December of 2008. I had always wanted to try an Xterra, luckily the local Enterprise had a Black one, and when I turned on its 4-Wheel drive system I knew that I wanted one.

I opted for a White one when I went to purchase it. I swapped out the factory head unit for an Alpine CDA-9886 with iPod integration (crucial for road tripping) and added a 12" JL W1 subwoofer powered by a Rockford P200-2 amp. One woofer produces enough boom-boom for these SUV's (as well as for most SUV's assuming you have taste, like clear, tight bass, and aren't entering any sound competions) because the sound reflects off of the glass in the rear hatch. I probably could have used a 10" sub and been satisfied as well (like I have in my Rover).

I had the windows tinted: 35% front, 5% back, 20% windshield strip. Typically after I get a new car, those are the first things I do (stereo, window tint, wheels, and performance [if applicable]). Once you get used to a car a certain way, it's hard driving one not customized to your liking. You know what I mean?

I put a set of 20" Liquid Metal Wingman wheels on it and wrapped them in 305/50-20 Nitto Terra Grapplers; I called it my apocalypse vehicle because it could drive through, or over, anything. I also got a Nismo air intake for it, paired with a Superchips Flashpaq to give it a little more breathing room and efficiency. No joke, I averaged 20 mpg, even with the plus-sized wheel and tire setup.

Thanks, Xterra. You were nothing but good to me, maybe I'll see you again one day...


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